Monday, June 3, 2013

 Pleasure Cross Cassette tracks available for streaming here


OUT NOW on End Theory Records
Pleasure Cross Cassette
extreme crossover from Portland OR no frills just chills with former and current members of Superbad,Engorged,Basement Animal,Walls and Lords of Light $5

Also Available
Infanticide/ Dogtag split 7"
Infanticide from Sweden confront you with 6 tracks of relentless seething grindcore. Their sixth release of old school influenced metal tinged terror grind.
The mysterious Dogtag unearth 5 tracks of unrelenting raw grind from 2005. $5

"Embracing The Lightless Depths" Cassettes.Crushing funeral doom from Portland OR. $5

Sorrower/ Violence of Humanity Split 7"
Amazing Grind from AZ and OR collide on this split.
Sorrower bring 3 songs of revenge filled death grind from Arizona.
Awesome art And layout by Mike Fisher 5.00

Burials S/T lp
Portland Technical metal features current and ex members of Fall of the bastards,Superbad,Hack saw to the throat ,Weregoat, Ritual necromancy $10