Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To order email endtheoryrecords@gmail.com with your order and address for a total.

Sorrower/ Violence of Humanity Split 7"
 Amazing Grind from AZ and OR collide on this split
Sorrower bring deathgrind from AZ A soundtrack of revenge!
VOH bring violent nonstop grind from OR face melting !
Awesome art by Mike Fisher


Burials S/T lp Out now Melody builds seamlessly  to heavy. Technical metal,grind and even a little 90s hardcore blend into a  massive sound. Portland's Burials features current and ex members of Fall of the bastards,Superbad,Hack saw to the throat ,Weregoat, Ritual necromancy and more.125 on blue vinyl 125 black vinyl 250 white vinyl.


This Runs on Blood -“The ocean in black and white ” Lp is out now on End Theory Records 200 on Marble 300 on white vinyl .This Manic slab takes This Runs on Blood on an even stranger ride a new sound for modern hardcore .Samples,noise, screams and still no bass.After a 12inch EP,The Youngre Strangre and the split 7" with Portland brutal grind outfit Transient.This Runs on Blood first true full length shows a new level of song writing and experimentation spazztic truly epic and I believe something new for hardcore and punk as a whole. Also featuring more amazing art work by nil ultra  $10

Sorrower / Violence of Humanity split 7" is almost done ? Vinyl is on its way and covers will print soon! If you would like to pre order Email me @ endtheoryrecords@gmail.com

Saturday, January 28, 2012

coming this year on end theory records.

coming this year on end theory records. Sorrower /Violence of humanity split 7" (split label release with Orca Wolf Records) is at press and should be out in the next couple months! Tusk of Blood "A dead language" Cassette (split label release with Parasitic Records) Infanticide / Dog tag split 7"
Infanticide / Oily Menace split 7"
Hacksaw to the Throat "Seppuku cassette